Andrew told me to post more pics so here is a mini fridge and my mini oranges




First Track on Incongruent: “I Fucking Love Science.” I think this will also be the first music video…if all goes according to plan.

Obviously, this is the explicit version. If you like it please share! And high five to Rob Scallon for that SICK DRUM SOLO!

God I’m excited about this.

Hank, this is freaking fantastic. My ears want to grow mouths so they can shout about how good of a song this is.

Wow, Anne! That is a truly terrifying visual! Thank you!

So I’ve decided…if this hits 10,000 notes I’ll release another song from the album. 



I just love this picture a lot so I’ve decided it belongs on here as well as on Facebook. It’s THAT GOOD.

I love Valerie so much.

i only drew + mailed 3 postcards while on the drive out to mt so sorry everyone else, it will probably be forever until i send things to you. but i will some day. the ones i mailed out were sent from the post office in wall drug, sd so that’s great at least.