hey i’m just putting this out here, if you can help me that would be fantastic

does anybody know if it’s possible in google maps to make a marker not pinpoint one location but an area, like, say, a whole state or country? but with it still being able to be labeled. if that makes sense.

i’m tryin to make a map that has a lot of cities on it, but also regions and areas (sometimes cities that need pinpointed are also in areas that need pinpointed). can’t come up with the right terms to google this effectively soooo?

(i mean google maps itself or a wordpress plugin)?



What’s happening

Things we have learned SO FAR: 
The oldest house standing in Nyack is called The John Green House.
It’s across the water from Sleepy Hollow. 
Also there is a house in Nyack that was declared legally haunted in 1991. 
Lots of other stuff that is Definitely Totally Connected. 
Research done by foolishoptimism, zikiri, and blaze. Connections made by the Universe. 

I’m mildly creeped and very weirded out by this. I tried to respond to the email but got an auto response from google telling me the message didn’t send because the account doesn’t exist.