For the past few months (as a result of the poll that Hank made asking whether vlogbrothers should have pre-roll ads and where that money should go), all proceeds from advertisements on the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel have been split in half between the Foundation to Decrease World Suck and a new fund that will be used to assist creators in making cool, important, and great projects.
So far, money from advertisements has gone to two rad creators, Physics Girl and Kelly Kend.
Now, we are looking for more people to help out!
If you have a project, series, or content and need help taking that project to the next level, please fill out our Sponsorship Application form.
We’ll be looking over responses as they come in — and can’t wait to see all the awesome projects you’ve got going on!

yo, i’m working on this deal. my job is great. submissions so far have been amazing. it’s an absolute privilege to be able to help out people who are making important things. v excited

in the past month i have tried to do too many adult things all at once and now my brain broke and i can’t figure out how to give anyone the money they are supposed to get for the things i have purchased/am purchasing from them @___________@


The office “cheese bucket”, as Hank calls it.

i love the cheese bucket. today i ate 2 cheeses out of it.