what i did yesterday

It was all very exciting and fun to me when it happened, but this will probably be extremely boring and stupid so don’t even read it.

For my Ohio history class, we have to go, if we live in Lorain County, to the Hickories (which is a gigantic house that Arthur Garford, who was probably the most influential/important guy from Elyria—he invented the padded bicycle seat and started a car company and was always investing and interested in the latest technological or popular Thing, built [I am really good at parentheticals]) and write a paper based on questions about site that we’ve been given. It’s about a mile and a half from my house, just a block away from the library, so I decided to walk up there because I like walking and I can go through the cemetery which is really peaceful and nice and quiet and shady, so I did.

Have to walk down Cleveland Street for a while which is a really busy and big road and loud and dirty and gross ughugh. But last time I walked to the library, on the way, I saw a Filipino store that I did not know existed, so I decided to stop there on the way back.

SO ugh this is so boring and dull SO I walked to the Hickories and paid my dollars 5 and a nice lady took me around the house on the tour—she said she knew a lot of the questions I’d need to answer from all the students from past years, so that was cool.

The house is enormous (three stories) and ridiculously ornate and was built for $100,000 in 1895 and when the Garfords left and it was eventually sold, in 1948, a dude bought it for $17,500 and lent out rooms to renters; I think the tour person said he had up to 50 people living there at a time? That doesn’t sound right at all but I’m pretty sure it is what she said. The Garford family was only the guy and his wife and two daughters; FOUR PEOPLE. Plus all the housekeeping people.

When it was built, the house was the first residential type *house* building to have a central boiler, electricity, and indoor plumbing. They had to have half gas-half electric lighting though because since the only places that had electricity were businesses, and since businesses were only open during the day, the electricity was a lot of times turned off at night, and people in a house at night are the ones who need lights the most.

There were so many stained glass windows in there and they were so so beautiful. Also there are 60+ carved heads of Greek goddesses(I think is what it was) all throughout the house. A lot of the room’s walls and ceilings were originally covered in gold leaf, but Mrs. Garford didn’t like it and had them all painted over w/boring paint HAHAH.

There was a communication tube systemy thing connecting the kitchen on the first floor to the main bathroom on the second so that getting hot water for baths could be a thing.

I wish I had pictures, but I left my camera at home, and also I asked the lady if pictures were allowed and she said no unless you got permission from some director person.

There were all kinds of cool things in the house, as it is right now all the storage for the Lorain County Historical society, so all old things are kept in there, pretty much, which is not good and has not been good for them, but they are privately funded and getting money is hard but soon they are going to open up an actual history center down the street soon and that will be SO AWESOME.

The second floor is mostly old stuff from other places that is being displayed there. There was a room of old toys and a room of a bunch of Elyria High School history stuff and creepy mannequins wearing old marching band uniforms.

In one room there was this like 3 foot high giant old wooden dog whose name is Nipper who is and was the mascot for RCA.

And that is about all that is interesting that I can remember.

After leaving, I walked to the library and got some books and left nerdfighter notes in Paper Towns and Will Grayson, Will Grayson (which means someone checked out the books/took my old notes that were in there COOL).

And then I went to the cemetery and sat under a tree and read three quarters of Go Ask Alice which was not that good. It feels kind of weird to hang out at the cemetery but it’s so so so peaceful and as quiet as a cemetery in the middle of a city can be, but still it feels odd. While I was reading, some kid and a guy walked by and the kid was like ‘Do you always read in the cemetery?’ and looked at me like I was crazy or something and I said ‘It’s quiet!’ and he said something along the lines of ‘Oh I guess so because EVERYONE IS DEAD HERE’ and then kept walking…

After too many big ants kept crawling on me, I left and started heading home, and on the way stopped at that Filipino store and bought candy crap and they had dried anchovies ew and I wanted to get some sherbet or whatever it was kind of ice cream type thing they had but the store guy just stood there and watched me the whole time WHICH WAS UNCOMFORTABLE so I just got the candy and etc. They had pocky but pocky is so lame and I don’t get why everyone loves it so much?!?!

And then I went home.

So uh in conclusion, I love local history and seeing old things and I can’t wait for that history center to open AHHHH I LOVE IT.